In Between

May 24, 2016


I have been too often

In the place in between

Here and There.

I have watched too often

the confusion

the weakening

the pain

And I say don’t leave me


And then I see

the confusion

the weakening

the pain

So I say go

No, don’t go

And you stay

Or you try but you are almost gone

And you stand in the garden

with your nose in a rhododendron

And I like to think you are smelling the flowers

That you are seeing their beauty

But I don’t know

Because you are my golden and you speak no words

Except with your heart

And I know you are standing by the rhododendron

Because you are too weak to take one more step

So we stand there in the place in between

Knowing that soon

you will be There

And I will be Here

Missing you







4 Responses to “In Between”

  1. So sorry for your sadness. My parents’ golden is terminally ill and my heart is breaking for you and them, and the sweetest dogs.

  2. Krister said

    Bringing tears to my eyes

  3. Beth Schwartz said

    Your words are always so beautiful; they get right to the heart!

  4. anne said


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